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  • Practical
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for all food types
  • Value for money
  • Durable & safe
  • Steam & Blend
  • Warms milk & baby food easily at home
  • Easy to Use
  • Add water and adjust the settings
  • Safe
  • Heats gently and gradually
  • Ideal for all types of feeds
  •  For milk & baby foo
  • Convenient
  • Warms milk & baby food easily at home
  • Easy to Use
  •  Add water and adjust the settings
  • Safe 
  • Heats gently and gradually
  • Ideal for all types of feeds
  • For milk & baby foo


  • FDA approved materials used, perfect for safe and extended freezer storage
  • Medical grade sterilization to ensure safe feeding - European standard
  • BPA Free
  • Double walled to preserve nutrients effectively
  • Thick laminate to prevent ink leeching
  • DOUBLE zipper top to prevent leakage
  • No-spill self-standing bottom
  • Heat sealed sides to prevent splitting
  • Easy to read designated area for date, name and time
  • Pre-calibrated ounce/ml markings for accurate measuring

Buy 2-in-1 Autumnz Electric Steam Steriliser/Food Steamer + Home & Car Warmer and make huge savings!


Autumnz 2-in1 Electric Steam Steriliser / Food Steamer

Steam Sterilisation

Fast - Contents are sterile and ready to use in 10 minutes

Easy to use - Just add water, load and switch on

Safe - BPA free

Convenient - Contents remain sterile for up to 6 hours if unopened

Effective sterilisation- Based on hospital principle, the intensive heat of the steam eliminates harmful bacteria

Large capacity- Holds up to 12 standard neck bottles or 7 wide neck bottles. Can use double deck for a larger capacity or single deck for a compact capacity.

Steam Cooking

Healthy- Steam cooking helps preserve vitamins and minerals. Excellent to steam baby food (e.g. broccoli, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc)

Efficient - Even steam distribution for quicker and efficient results


  • Keep out of reach of children at all times
  • Be warned that the hot water in and the steam from the steriliser can cause severe burns and scalding. Please take precautions at all times.

Autumnz Home & Car Warmer (with a car converter for use in the car)

Convenient - Warms milk & baby food easily at home and in the car

Safe - Heats gently and gradually

Easy to Use - Add water and adjust the settings

  • Suitable to use from birth
  • BPA Free
  • Age : +0 months
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Even application of powder on baby with puff
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • 3 Pumping Modes
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Multi Suction Levels
  • Memory Function
  • Soft Sponge Tip cleans hard to reach areas
  • Nylon Bristles are soft and durable
  • Loop Handle for easy hanging
  • Separate Bottle and Teat Brush for easy cleaning
  • 2 Pumping Mode
  • Massage & Expression modes for effective & efficient pumping Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  • Allow you to pump anywhere conveniently with longer usage time SCROLLING Buttons
  • Allow you to easily switch between modes and to change suction level by scrolling up and down
  • Smart design for thorough cleaning
  • Soft bristles protect the surface of the bottles from  sractches
  • Made of high-quality, FDA approved food-grade silicone material, and is naturally anti-bacterial
  • Comes with integrated tip (unscrew from the bottom of the handle) to thoroughly clean baby bottle nipples. No more additional brushes to use
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean after use, dishwasher safe for your convenience
  • Durable, lightweight, flexible and compact. Easily dismantled into 3 small parts, hence convenient to keep & fit in the nappy bag, handbags or luggages for on-the-go parents
  • Non-slip handle provides a secure grip even in wet and soapy hands
  • BPA Free
  • BPA Free
  • Double walled to preserve nutrients
  • Effectively
  • DOUBLE zipper top to prevent leakage
  • Heat sealed sides to prevent splitting
  • Easy to read designated area for date, nameandtime
  • Easy for storag
  • BPA Free
  • Double walled to preserve nutrients
  • Effectively
  • DOUBLE zipper top to prevent leakage
  • Heat sealed sides to prevent splitting
  • Easy to read designated area for date, nameand time
  • Easy for storage and spacing



  • Space saving design keeps all of baby’s feeding accessories organised while drying
  • 8 large standing pegs can hold up to 8 bottles and/or cups of all shapes and sizes
  • 8 small standing pegs can hold teats, sippy cup lids, bottle rings, teething rings
  • Each standing peg is equipped with plastic tips to stabilise baby bottles/ cups and prevent scratching
  • Pegs can be folded downwards to enable easy storage
  • Front unique shelf holds breastpump parts, straws, valves, caps, pacifiers and other small items
  • Slanted design to enable excess water to drain into the front water collection slot
  • No assembly is required 
  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Easy to Use
  • Ideal for all types of feeds
  • Super soft, light and easy to use
  • Fits easily on adult's finger
  • Dual action: clean baby's teeth and massage gums easily
  • Develop good oral care habits from young
  • Made from high quality food grade silicone
  • 100% Silicone
  • BPA Free
  • Age : +3 months
  • Convenient
  • Ideal for all food types and sizes
  • Comes with digital temperature & time controller
  • Spacious trays with a free mat
  • Transparent lid to help monitor drying process easily
  • Superior air circulation for even drying
  • Collect and save more breastmilk
  • BPA Free
  • Fit comfortable to breast
  • Resuable and easy to clean
  • Help to protect sore nipples from friction
  • Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away !Kid-Friendly
  • Patches that provide up to 12 hours of protection against mosquitoes
  • Natural and pleasant smelling patches free you from using sprays or lotions
  • FREE of DEET, hence safe and suitable for people of all ages
  • Portable and easy to use wherever you go
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Each resealable bag contains 3 invidually packed sheets ( 6 patches per sheet)
  • Ingredients : Eucalyptus and Citronella Oil
  • Brush with soft nylon bristles and comb with smooth rounded teeth that are gentle for baby's hair
  • Easy and comfortable to hold and use.
  • BPA Free
  • Age : +0 months
  • Convertible to a manual pump!
  • FREE Power Bank Cable (can be used with Power Bank as an alternative power source)
  • Support, enhances and tones your figure after delivery
  • Helps to reduce unwanted stress marks and improve the skin’s natural elasticity
  • Comfortable, light and breathable
  • Luxuriously soft inner layer which is gentle on skin
  • Unnoticeable under clothing
  • Safe, non-toxic, reusable, leak proof, durable
  • Contoured shape to fit around milk bottles
  • Generous capacity to fit up to 6 milk bottles
  • Effective to keep breastmilk cold. For optimum results, use with Autumnz cooler bags. *
  • Generously sized at 650g per piece (i.e. much bigger than most standard ice pack in the market and compactly packed with generous amount of gel content) to enable longer preservation of cool temperature to keep breastmilk fresh