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Merries Walker Pants Super Jumbo


New triple layer air-through system increases breathability by 40% (Compared to previous Merries Tape Diaper), expelling moisture and stuffiness from the insides of the diaper, providing long-lasting dryness for your baby.

Soft airy inner wavy surface traps and holds poo, preventing it from dispersing, while the super absorbent sheet instantly draws in and locks away pee and soft poo, leaving the diaper surface drier, preventing diaper rash. Contact between the diaper and skin is also reduced by half, making it gentle and breathable on your baby's delicate skin.

Ultra softness Flexi-fit "W" Shape that accommodates baby's active movements without red marks or abrasions.

  • Suitable for ages: 6+ months
  • Fast flow
  • Anti-colic
  • Brand: Closer to Nature

Brand: Tommee Tippee

*Original breast-like nipple for “just like mom” feel
*Easy latch nipple for smooth transition between breast and bottle
*Optimum venting valve with slow flow nipple for less air intake & discomfort
*Always BPA free for your ultimate reassurance.
*Closer to Natures Bottles are compatible with all Closer to Nature nipples, excluding Anti-Colic and Ultra nipples
*Bottles available in a wide range of ounces, pack sizes, colors & decorations

Product SKU: TTCTB340ml/12oz


Easy to combine with breastfeeding
Our new bottle helps to make bottle feeding more natural for your baby and you. The nipple features an innovative petal design for natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.

  • 1 Bottle

  • 9oz/260ml

  • Slow flow nipple

  • 1m+

  • Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort*

  • Designed for uninterrupted feeding



  • Flexes to feeding rhythm
  • Easy latch on
  • Proven anti-colic system

Bottle design

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Wide neck

Ease of use

  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to hold
  • Our straw top fits Pacific Baby™ bottles snugly and offers an innovative spill-proof lid.
  • Suitable from 12 months +
  • Very easily cleaned, and replacement straw tops are available for lost pieces.
  • Fits all Pacific Baby™ bottles, as well as many other standard wide-neck bottles.
  • This accessory increases the product life of the bottles for up to 5 years and you don't have to buy more plastic drinks bottles as your child grows.
  • BPAPVC and Phthalates Free
  • Steamer and dishwasher safe - top rack
  • Fully complies with FDA and European Union safety standards.
  • For use with Pacific Baby thermal 3-in-one and all-in-one bottles
  • Conversion from bottle to leak proof thermal sippy cup
  • Keeps your child's drink warm or cold
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free and safety tested

Pacifer Baby Teats Wide

  • Wash throughly before and after each use,wash with mild detergent and soft sponge.
  • Keep away from high heat and avoid dropping on thr ground. 
  • Do not stamed or boiled sterilize and Do not microwave.It may deform the product. Inspect the nipple and straw after each use and replace with a new one when scraped, damaged or puntured.
  • Do not use hard bristles brush or abrasiveb powder which may scratch the surface. 
  • Do no put the bottle with liquid in freezer.

Mother Back Bag


Multifunctional Fashion Mother BackBag


LOVI Dynamic Feeding Teat® for pumped milk was designed with the help of neurologopedists. It is built from non-uniform layers of silicone: a soft, thin, dynamic extending ending and a wide, thick, hard, contoured base. This is why it does not disturb the suckling reflex and breastfeeding.

REMEMBER: LOVI brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest method for feeding. Alternative feeding methods should be used after consulting a doctor, midwife or pharmacist if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.


Wide Neck Soft Silicone Nipple Durable, soft, medical grade silicone nipple. BPA Free Caution: To prevent possible chocking hazard, test by pulling on bulb portions. Inspect nipple regularly and replace immediately if cracks, tears, or signs of wear appear. Care: Boil nipple for a minimum of two minutes before initial use. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Top rack dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

  • The wide bottle neck makes for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Only a few parts for quick and simple assembly
  • The teat shape allows secure latch and the ribbed texture helps prevents teat collapse for uninterrupted, comfortable feeding.
  • The unique shape makes the bottle easy to hold and grip, even for baby's tiny hands.
  • Made of BPA free* material (polypropylene)
  • Soft bristles prevent gum irritation
  • Easy grip design makes it easy for a child's hands to hold
  • Durable standard safe Tooth brush
  • Establish good personal habits among your child
  • Avoids hurting your baby's gums or teeth anymore
  • BPA free ensure baby's oral safety
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors green, violet and blue colours
  • Soft silicone food dispenser with a bulb shaped feeding pouch at the end that releases pureed and semisolid foods. Hygienic cover keeps bulb clean when not in use.
  • The squeezable silicone bottle and pressure-sensitive valves in the feeding pouch are ideal for feeding baby and safe for them to use as well.
  • The valves on the feeding pouch prevents drips and spills while being gentle to baby's gums and emerging teeth by restricting the flow of pureed food without pressure on the bottle or bulb.
  • Easily fill the silicone base with the desired amount of food by twisting and squeezing the connector ring. Graduation markings in oz & ml allow are labeled on the bottle.
  • 3 months + / BPA FREE, in the Pink color

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  • Suitable for baby more than 8 month old: meet the demand of your baby going out
  • The material of the straw is soft, which won't do any harm to your baby's teeth and gums
  • Streamline bottle body with anti-slip design: not easy to slide when your baby grips it
  • With attached handle, it is convenient to carry when you and your baby go out

Material: non-toxic food grade plastic

A cup comes with a bag of accessories (3-4 ramdon blocks).
There are standard interfaces on body cup and handle. You simply pick blocks that you like, stand on it and create the unique cup mug.
This cut is compatible with LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O and K'NEX, etc. buliding blocks.
Capacity : 350ml


S26 GOLD SMA 0-12MONTHS 600g


Tritan pure material is BPA-free; Light transmittance >90%, very popular in North American baby products

  • Ideal Age: 6m+
  • Come with handle & food-grade silicone straw
  • Anti-Flatulence design
  • CTS Leakproof design
  • Capacity: 260ml 
  • 3 section trolley
  • PU material wheel
  • Muit layer storage space
  • Can use as back bag too.
  • Comfortable straps
  • With Rain cover